Welcome! New Constitution 2072

Welcome! New Constitution 2072

Karan Limbu

Class: 8

            The ultimate dream of all Nepalese have been fulfilled by the arrival of new constitution 2072. I including whole population of a country were desperately waiting for this day to come. Before the announcement of new constitution every person used to think that the constitution is just a dream! Just a dream! When the government officially announced the new constitution of Nepal would be declared in Ashoj 3, 2072 everybody felt the unlimited happiness. Their happiness has no bound. It was just marvellous. The glory of happiness that is present among the faces of patriotic Nepalese can't be defined in words.

            I have never experienced such an unbelievable moment in my life ever before. Whenever, I walked through the houses of my society, the only one thing I heard and saw was people talking about the new constitution and expressing their limitless happiness. Ashoj 3, the day was the beginning of new era for Nepal. It has surely become the historic day. The Nepalese people consider this day as a huge festival which doesn't belong to any particular religion nor castes. Each and every Nepalese celebrated this  day with a lot of joy. The whole country was eagerly waiting for the final words of the declaration of constitution. When it was declared, I couldn't believe my eyes, every person, house, society, whole country seem in the mood of celebration. People were happy and proud of being Nepali.

            For the moment, I felt like it was Deepawali. Though, it wasn't actually Deepawali, the celebration and how people welcomed it was probably no lesser than any other festival. People played with firecrackers, decorated their houses with a lot of flowers and colourful lights. The young people gathered together at a place and had a lot of enjoy and fun in their own way. Though the children didn't exactly know what the constitution was, they were also delighted. Some people were even crying but that tears of those also expressed happiness and welcomed the constitution. It won't be wrong if I say that the happiness, proudness of people and whole charming country together welcomed the new constitution.

            Undoubtedly, the way people welcomed the new constitution was unique and it is perhaps the milestone of the nation. I can truly say that how the people welcomed the constitution proved they have faith in it. People believed that it will change the current Nepal into a beautiful and developed country. I wish the new constitution 2072 will be a true beginning for the new era which will take Nepal in the top of the world.