My Plan After SLC

"The Iron Gate", known to us as the SLC, is the defining moment in the life of every Nepali student. It is one of the heart rending moment, and the results shape the future of the students. A good result symbolizes a bright future, and an increment of respect from the whole community. A bad result in turn symbolizes decrease in the respect gained from the  society. As the next S.L.C. hopeful, we are encouraged to form and plan our next steps after the examination. Ever the obedient students, the present batch has already made our plans after the S.L.C. My plans after the S.L.C involves a lot of hard work and relaxation.

            Immediately after the S.L.C. we are rewarded by a solid 3 month "Holiday" for the countless hours we have spent preparing for the examination. My friends and I have planned a grand tour of Nepal spanning these 3 months. We have not planned all the specifics yet, but we have planned to visit some famous cities of Nepal, which includes Pokhara, Dharan etc. We  will also visit Mustang, my friend's village and take it as a trekking experience. Various adventure sports like bunjee jumping, rafting also await us in the "vacation".

            After the 3 months of relaxation, it will be time to huddle up for the results. As a distinction hopeful, I will be expecting a good result, which will dictate the faculty I will choose for my further studies. If I achieve above 90% in my results, I will choose science as my faculty. I have also been planning to do a week long course which will enable me to do better in the colleges entrance exams.

            I will try to get into St. Xavier's college, as it has been a tradition for all my siblings. There, I will focus on my +2 studies in science. If all the things go as planned, I will be able to get a very good scholarship for my MBBS.

            As a trend of the youngsters during the three months gap between result and exams I will also engage myself in bridge course which will enable to enroll myself in the best colleges.

Sahil Rai

Class: 10