A World Without Dreams

I found myself staring at the sky,

Dreaming one day I'll be where I want.

At the tip of success, staring down below,

Thinking how hard the path was though.


Then I thought about the value of dreams

And what the world would be without such precious dreams.

Dreams carry a certain meaning,

The world will be meaningless without it.


I close my eyes every night,

hoping to see those beaufiful lights,

with the dreams right by my side,

which are my true guide.


A world without such dreams

Will probably be clueless,

A catastrophy indeed

for no one will know what they need.


A world without dreams will not

be something I like.

As in my view,

dreams are the best thing in life.


We should never stop dreaming.

As we never know;

Where we are or where we will be,

Unless we start dreaming.


Praptee Shree Hamal

Class: 10