Teachers you are the light of knowledge
You teach us from nursery to college.
You are the form of god
Who pulls us out from dirt and mud
You are the shadow of the sun
Which makes our eyes open.
You are the knowledge of sea
Who makes us like a bowl of ghee.
You tell us to read and write
And tell us no need to fight
You tell us to be simple
And make us like a sweet apple.
Teachers you are the light of knowledge.
I will respect you also after leaving college.

Gaurav Kharel
Class: 6 'B'


Oh! Flower how sweet are you.
I always want to play with you.
I will never hurt you
I will feed you water too.

Oh! Flower waiting for you to grow up
You are the best, and you are the top
But you don't move here and there
As you are my best, I am there to take care
Oh! Flower you have so many leaves
Nobody comes to stole you, not even thieves
You always grow in ground not in air
So, I request everyone not to tear.

Aayush Paudel
Class: 6 'B'


Butterfly! Butterfly!
You fly in the sky
You fly very very high
as if you feel shy.

    You are very tiny
    When sun shines you seem shiny
    Butterfly, you are very crazy
    you never feel lazy.

Butterfly you lay tiny eggs
and even you have tiny legs
You wander here and there
You are a very hard worker.

    You suck nector of flower
    And get the power
    You are colourful
    And you are very beautiful.

Jeshan Budha
Class: 6 'B'

My Friends

My friends are very good
They brings delicious food
They are very nice
They are afarid of mice
My friends like to play
sometimes play with clay
They are very kind
Sometimes they help the blind
They are very cute.
They like to play flute
They like dogs and cats
They like to chat.
Always they remain calm.
So, I love them.

Poonam Thebe
Class: 6 'B'



My brother is fat
He likes to play with bat.
He is scared with rat
But friendly with cat.
    His favourite colour is yellow
    likes to wear bow
    He is slow as snail
    He always trims his nail.

He hates to give exam
But likes to eat jam
He sometime writes with pen.
His favourite cartoon in Ben Ten.
    He plays with tin
    He throws garbage in dustbin
    He always wear tie
    and say good bye.

Ashnia Khadka
Class: 6 'B'