Aakriti Hamal


Butterfly! Butterfly!

You fly high in the sky

You seems to be shiny.

and your eggs are tiny.


Your body is a colorful

And your life is joyful

You fly very high

When you feel a shy


Butterfly! Butterfly!

You fly high in the sky.


Oh! loving mother

you give us birth

In this beautiful earth

You have so kind heart

Who never want to see us being hurt

Your are very kind

Who save us from danger when we become blind

You make us proud

It takes a lot of time for smoke to become a cloud

You take us to the right way

Who takes care of us every day

You always helps us when we need help

You make us bright like a electric bulb

You are the main creator in history of god

You take care of us from the time when we

were a small bud

You are the teacher of life

You try to make us a sharp knife

You are the friend of childhood

might some make you a decayed firewood

Everyone should remember that we should

Take care of her when she becomes old

We should try to complete everything she has told

Gaurav Kharel