TIA provides a natural and secure abode to blossoming children, providing homely care to teach individual. The hostels are located around the school premises. The complex has well-maintained lush green gardens and is surrounded by concrete walls. Round-the –clock security ensures a safe haven of the students. Separate Hostel Buildings for boys and girls are allocated where students from Junior to senior classes can stay. The students are placed in dormitories in accordance to their age. They follow a prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to, in order to bring about discipline in their routine and create a healthy routine for a lifetime. It starts with Jogging in the morning and ends with evening sports and special subject coaching. Their weekends are scheduled with unlimited fun & frolic with indoor & outdoor cinema, cultural programmers, campfire, adventure outings, picnics & leisure hour's etc. hostel Warden and Head of House are at the complex round-the-clock ensuring utmost attention.

Accommodations for residential Staff, medical Attendant, Emergency Staff and Security guards are close to children's hostel. This results in a homely atmosphere across the complex and a secure and reassuring environment for children.


Montessory class is run in a sound and clear manner by the trained teachers. All the activities are held with confident playing methods which are keenly applicable to the young brains. Primary classes are mostly divided by their own basis. Besides, teaching and learning activities, the school has proudly given others colorful programmers which are duely important in their everyday life. The students are guided by trained and experience teachers in the school.


The functional design of the library determines to a large degree how well the library will serve the needs of the school community. The location of the library within the school can affect the flow of traffic through the library. It should be easily accessible to all students and staff. Its layout should contribute to smooth traffic patterns, simultaneous uses or events, and a structure in which teacher's ans student smove about easily and efficiently.

The facility must accommodate the needs of the school community. TIA offers such a well-facilitated library that meets the needs of the school community bye considering such aspects as:

  • Groups of students seating for learning activities
  • Individual seating such as carrels for reading, viewing, listening
  • Computer and printer to accommodate word processing, access to the Internet and CD-ROMs
  • Adequate shelving for certain reference resources such newspaper racks
  • Adequate shelving for certain reference resources such as atlases
  • Storage areas for supplies, audio-visual equipment and specialized learning resources

This teacher-librarian also managers the facility by arranging the scheduling for the school library He /She provides a system for daily bookings, as well as long-term bookings of the library. Such schedules are made visible for all staff to view. To fulfill the school library's mandate to meet the needs of the school community, the teacher-librarian encourages the use of the facility for such occasions as staff or committee meetings, parent council meetings, professional development days, student clubs, or special project displays and community events.

Computer Lab

The school has a separate computer Department equipped with 30 modern multimedia computers. Here the students are compulsorily trained with all the latest computer packages and programs to take their education to the 21st century. The computer lab provides a special learning environment with the resources and accessories for the pupils to learn things and explore.

Science Lab

TIA has a Science Lab well equipped with the resources required to demonstrate to the children the various practical tasks of the subject. The lab has measurement instrument, including Vernier calipers, screw gauge, spring balance, sun dial etc; mechanical items like levers, pulleys, gears, wheel and axle, screw jack and simple pendulum; electricity and magnestism related  items such as electrical circuits, electrical wiring, energy conversion kits, motor, relay, Wheatstone bridge etc. it also has educational exhibits such as Archimedes principle, Pythagoras theorem, mechanical drivers, hydraulic lift, rotating hyperbola, paddle wheel etc. the laboratory helps the children develop their creative ideas and implement them using the facilities.

Audio Visual Instruction Aids

TIA believes is giving education through latest that can be used for making learning environment conducive. The school is equipped with dozens of CD ROMs that are useful in teaching different subjects. Computers, TVs, hearing aids and OHP make it easier for teachers in creating learning situations.

Sport Complex

In the hustle and bustle of today's crowded city, pupils suffer from the lack of open space for outdoor sports. TIA offers its pupils a huge sports complex (50x120m) ground-A and (20x45m) ground –B enabling them practice major sports events such as Football, Basketball, Tennis and Cricket that have grabbed the craze of new generation. The sport complex with its wide parapet expanding in about 17 Ropanis of land, offers TIA's pupils an opportunity to develop their sportsmanship and nature's purity to breath. Needless to mention that sports activity is synonymous to TIA since it has touched the pinnacle of success in Basketball and achieved a prominent height in Football in a short span of time.


Pupils at TIA have to be involved in either of the groups of melody or rhythm to perform classical as well as modern cultural performances here; Pupils learn singing, dancing and playing musical instruments and harmonize the movement they make.


A pupil learns better if s/she is provided with sound health and creative a mind. The school's Nirvan Hall is set up with the equipment where pupils regularly practice yoga and meditation with trained and experienced Guru. Here, Pupils are introduced with the wonders of yoga and divine peace of spiritual world. This not only maintains pupil's health and mind but also becomes instrumental in building their moral character.

Other facilities

Dining Hall & Kitchen

The school has spacious & hygienic mess which offers well balanced & wholesome nutritious vegetarian/non-vegetarian food. At a time 100 students can be accommodated. All Day-Boarders are provided with the mid-day meal while the boarders enjoy all four meals viz. Breakfast, Mid Day Meals, Snacks and Dinner at the Dining Hall. The kitchen is hygienically maintained with all high quality equipments (food grade).

Bus Facility

For the convenience of Day boarders, the school has provided a fleet of school buses. The routes have been designed to cover each part of the city to pickup and drop children form locations nearest to their homes. The buses are also provided for excursions & outings of students. For details visit the Bus route Page.

Auditorium Hall

The school boasts of an Auditorium hall equipped with state-of-art addressing system. The hall is used for Regular Training, programs, Indoor Competitions, Exhibitions and gatherings.

Monitoring of student's health is done by experienced Doctors with general check-up every six months. Services of a resident nurse are available round-the –clock to student.