The functional design of the library determines to a large degree how well the library will serve the needs of the school community. The location of the library within the school can affect the flow of traffic through the library. It should be easily accessible to all students and staff. Its layout should contribute to smooth traffic patterns, simultaneous uses or events, and a structure in which teacher’s ans student smove about easily and efficiently.
The facility must accommodate the needs of the school community. TIA offers such a well-facilitated library that meets the needs of the school community bye considering such aspects as:

  • Groups of students seating for learning activities
  • Individual seating such as carrels for reading, viewing, listening
  • Computer and printer to accommodate word processing, access to the Internet and CD-ROMs
  • Adequate shelving for certain reference resources such newspaper racks
  • Adequate shelving for certain reference resources such as atlases
  • Storage areas for supplies, audio-visual equipment and specialized learning resources


This teacher-librarian also managers the facility by arranging the scheduling for the school library He /She provides a system for daily bookings, as well as long-term bookings of the library. Such schedules are made visible for all staff to view. To fulfill the school library’s mandate to meet the needs of the school community, the teacher-librarian encourages the use of the facility for such occasions as staff or committee meetings, parent council meetings, professional development days, student clubs, or special project displays and community events.


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