Meet Our Staffs

A good teacher can make a world of difference in a student's life, impacting everything from their classroom learning to their long term success. If you're considering a career in education, it's important to explore the qualities of a good teacher.
Primary Objectives of our Staffs 
  • A desire to share love of the subject with students
  • An ability to make the material being taught stimulating and interesting
  • A facility for engaging with students at their level of understanding
  • A capacity to explain the material plainly
  • A commitment to making it absolutely clear what has to be understood at what level and why
  • Showing concern and respect for students
  • A commitment to encouraging independence
  • An ability to improvise and adapt to new demands


Subash Limbu
facility Manager

Sony Prajapati
Office Secretary

Department Heads

Sita Poudyal Khatiwada
Exam Co-ordinator

H.O.D of Social Studies

Doleshwor Niraula
H.O.D of Mathematics

Ujjwal Rijal
IT Officer cum CCA Coordinator

Sarada Ghimire
H.O.D of English

Sushila Bujhel
H.O.D of Nepali

Ashesh Malla
H.O.D of Science

Roma Thapa
Primary Coordinator

Pre Primary

Srijana Parajuli Pokhrel
KGI Grade Teacher

Mamata Tamang
KGII Class Teacher

Sunita Shrestha
Pre-Primary Teacher

Meena Magar
Pre-Primary Teacher

Hema Shrestha
Pre-Primary Teacher

Pabitra Karki
KG II Class Teacher

English Department

Binita Shrestha
L.S Teacher

Leela KC
Primary Teacher

Dawa Lama
L.S Teacher

Sushma Nerung
L.S Teacher

Kabita Maharjan

Lila K.C


Tara Adhikari

Gyanu Ghimire

Ranju Bhattarai

Dev Kala Thapa
Primary Teacher

Surakshya Poudel
Primary Teacher

Chadani K.C

Srijana Lama
L.S Teacher

Maths Department

Aayam Sanker
Secondary Teacher

Pooja Sapkota

Rajendra Dangol

Sunita Magar
Primary Teacher

Babita Subba
Primary Teacher

Science Department

Meenu Chhetri
Primary Teacher

Beena Sampang
Primary Teacher

Sujan Magar
Lower Secondary Teacher

Gunaraj Sanker
Secondary Teacher

Susina Lama
Primary Teacher

Social Department

Sharmila Maharjan
Lower Secondary Teacher

Kabita Bohora

Shova Poudel

Dolma Tamang

Chadani Gupta
Primary Teacher

Extra Subjects Teachers

Pasang Lama
Secondary Computer Science Teacher

Sajani Shrestha
Senior Account Teacher

CCA Department

Ashok Rokka
Wu-Shu Coach

Kedar Budhathoki
Basketball Instructor

Suresh Mahara
Music Instructor

Jyoti Khadka
Art Instructor

Chitra Hingmang
Vocal Instructor

Roshni Tamang