Admission Procedures

Admission Procedure

Parents/Guardians seeking admission for their word should obtain an application for registration and prospectus against a payment of NRs. 200./-. Registration for the new academic year commences on 31st May. The duly completed application signed by the parents/guardians should be registered at the school office. After the admission, payment is to be made every month.

Entrance Examination

For the new academic session a written entrance exam is conducted for 4 (four) Subject Areas: English, Mathematics, Nepali and Science. It includes questions based on the information from the grade preceding the class to which admission is sought.

New Admission will be finalized based on the following factors:

  • Availability of seats
  • New Admission will be finalized based on the following factors
  • Priority in the order of registration.
  • Academic performance in the entrance examination.
  • Documents Required for Admission.
  • The transfer Certificate from the previous school.
  • Character Certificate.

Finalizing Admission

Admission will be finalized on the basis of student performance in the written entrance examination and in consideration with all the selection formalities. The qualified candidates are selected and provided admissions as per the required number of vacancies.

Student Withdrawal

Students are admitted with the firm understanding that they will remain in the school or hostel for the entire session. Should they, however, be withdrawn, the parents/guardians must pay all fees due within the given academic term. In the case of withdrawal, all outstanding fees must be paid before the transfer and character certificate are provided. The security deposit is refunded at the end of the academic year.

Rules for Parents/Guardians

Rules for Parents/Guardians of borders must be read and clearly understood before seeking admission to the hostel. Parents/Guardians must provide all the required items indicated on the list provided. The last weekend of every month the local parents/guardians must take their child (ren) home. Chick out time is between 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM on the last Friday of the month, unless otherwise stated in the school calendar, please refer.

If the school is closed three (3) or more consecutive days, or during terminal, Dashain, Winter, Summer holidays, child must be taken off school by the designated, local parent/guardian. When taking children off school, the designated local parent/guardian should fill in the appropriate form provided by the respective warden.