Basic Facilities


A pupil learns better if s/she is provided with sound health and creative a mind. The school’s Nirvan Hall is set up with the equipment where pupils regularly practice yoga and meditation with trained and experienced Guru. Here, Pupils are introduced with the wonders of yoga and divine peace of Read More…


Pupils at TIA have to be involved in either of the groups of melody or rhythm to perform classical as well as modern cultural performances here; Pupils learn singing, dancing and playing musical instruments and harmonize the movement they make.

Sport Complex

In the hustle and bustle of today’s crowded city, pupils suffer from the lack of open space for outdoor sports. TIA offers its pupils a huge sports complex (50x120m) ground-A and (20x45m) ground –B enabling them practice major sports events such as Football, Basketball, Tennis and Cricket that have grabbed Read More…

Audio Visual Instruction Aids

TIA believes is giving education through latest that can be used for making learning

Science Lab

TIA has a Science Lab well equipped with the resources required to demonstrate

Computer Lab

The school has a separate computer Department equipped with 30 modern multimedia


The functional design of the library determines to a large degree how well the library will serve the needs of the school community. The location of the library within the school can affect the flow of traffic through the library. It should be easily accessible to all students and staff. Read More…


Montessori class is run in a sound and clear manner by the trained teachers. All the activities are held with confident playing methods which are keenly applicable to the young brains. Primary classes are mostly divided by their own basis. Besides, teaching and learning activities, the school has proudly given Read More…


TIA provides a natural and secure abode to blossoming children, providing homely care to teach individual. The hostels are located around the school premises. The complex has well-maintained lush green gardens and is surrounded by concrete walls. Round-the –clock security ensures a safe haven of the students. Separate Hostel Buildings Read More…